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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Common Key Commands

    3. Glossary of Terms

    1. Recording & Editing Solo Episodes

    2. Recording & Editing with Hindenburg Module 1 Workbook

    3. Preparing Before You Record Module 1 Video 1

    4. Initial Set-up for Recording a Solo Episode Module 1 Video 2

    5. Basic Flow for Recording Module 1 Video 3

    6. Quiz 1- Recording a Solo Episode

    7. Editing Your Solocast Part 1 Module 1 Video 4.1

    8. Editing Your Solocast part 2 Video 4.2

    9. Adding Music to your Podcast Module 1 Video 5

    10. Quiz 2- Editing Your Episode

    11. Exporting Your Episode Module 1 Video 6.1

    12. Publishing Your Episode (the coolest Hindenburg feature!!!) Module 1 Video 6.2

    13. Quiz 3- Exporting & Publishing Your Episode

    1. Recording & Editing Guest Episodes

    2. Recording & Editing with Hindenburg Module 2 workbook

    3. Recording a Guest Episode Module 2 Video 1

    4. Editing with Multiple Tracks Module 2 Video 2

    5. Module 2 Quiz 1

    6. Adding Music to Your Guest Episode Module 2 Video 3

    7. Publishing Multitrack File Module 2 Video 4

    8. Module 2 Quiz 2

About this course

  • $147.00
  • 24 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Included in this Course

This course is a hybrid model with self-paced video modules and 3 live-taught small group sessions to help answer all your questions about recording & editing with Hindenburg.

  • Self-Paced Video Lessons in 3 Modules

    $600 value

    Our video course has been designed by experts in both editing and adult learning. These short, self-paced video modules will give you all the information you need to be ready to record and edit using Hindenburg Pro.

  • Small Group Live Lessons

    $600 value

    An expert in recording & editing with Hindenburg will give 3 live taught lessons over the course of 3 weeks. Our expert will answer all of your questions about recording and editing podcast episodes.

  • Private Learning & Support Community

    $200 value

    You will have lifetime access to a private learning & support community for podcasters that have taken this course.

Learn how to record & edit your podcast today!

Edit like a pro with Hindenburg Pro- get 3 months of Hindenburg for free when you sign up! Plus get 30% off your subscription to Hindenburg Pro!


  • Do I need to purchase Hindenburg software before I do this training?

    You will get an invitation in the email for 3 free months of Hindenburg so that you can use it while learning along with this course. At the end of your 3 month trial, you will be able to purchase a Hindenburg software subscription for 30% off!

  • I am a new podcaster and am just learning how to record and edit, is this course for me?

    Yes, this course was designed just for a new podcaster like you! Our short, easy to follow videos will take you step-by-step through the recording and editing features in Hindenburg. This recording and editing software is a fantastic, easy-to-use option for new podcasters!

  • I am an experienced podcaster and have been using other software to record and edit my episodes. Is this training for me?

    Yes! This training will be very useful for you. Hindenburg Pro is designed specifically for dialogue- unlike many free editing options in the marketplace- Hindenburg is created just for you. This training will take you through the basics of using Hindenburg and will all give you the next steps for handling those challenging editing issues that podcasters often face.

  • Will I be able to get live support?

    Absolutely! This course is designed as a hybrid model. You will work through the videos and quizzes in the modules at your own pace and we will have 3 live, interactive sessions with an expert to support your questions.

Hindenburg makes recording & editing easy- we make learning Hindenburg a breeze!