Course curriculum

    1. Speaker Line-up

    2. Workbook Day 1

    3. Dr. Candice Norcott- Desire to Grow; Fear to Reach

    4. Janine Durso- Feel Like the Great Pretender? How to Banish Imposter Syndrome for Good

    5. Megan Champion- How to Embrace Vulnerability & Build Deep Connections

    6. Tara McMullin- Yes! Limits

    7. Tiphany Kane- Becoming Friends with Fear

    1. Thursday Speaker Line-up

    2. Workbook Day 2

    3. Tiphany Kane- Your Voice is Your SuperPower Fighting Fear

    4. Melody Pourmoradi- Your Journey is Your Gift to Share with the World

    5. Melanie Benson- Amplify Your Superpower with Your Authentic, Magnetic Message

    6. Kathy Zang- "Why Not Me?" How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone & Lead with Courage and Purpose

    1. Friday Speaker Line-up

    2. Workbook Day 3

    3. Brianne Davis- Keynote Speech: The Secret Life to Naked Confidence

    4. Dr. Liz Aguirre- Gaining the Confidence to Be Seen

    5. Dr. Jessica Vernon - Getting Personal: Sharing Your Lived Experience can Help you Become the Leader You are Meant to Be

    6. Gaining the Confidence to be Seen with Liz Aguirre MD Handout

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