Helen Garcia

Guest Instructor

Helen Garcia, MSW is a mental health therapist, educator, and podcaster. Helen is a visionary clinical mental health therapist, who possesses a unique calling: to guide young creatives of color through the labyrinth of burnout, perfectionism, and the insidious grasp of bitterness. As the luminary founder behind "Speed of Slow," Helen champions a fresh narrative in the podcasting realm, one that centers on the profound beauty of living intentionally, with an unwavering commitment to authentic communication, transformative leadership, and unwavering character development. With a radiant passion for healing and a profound belief in the human spirit's resilience, Helen's work breathes life into souls yearning for a slower, more meaningful existence, illuminated by purpose and grace. In the world of mental health and podcasting, Helen Garcia stands as a beacon of hope and a guiding light toward profound transformation. Connect with Helen: LinkedIn: Helen Garcia YouTube: @helengarcia Podcast: Speed Of Slow with Helen Garcia

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